Kia Ora presents

Kia Ora offers a full line of sports drinks, shakes, and protein bars. Our Extreme Blendz menu offers nine different categories of fruit smoothies. From muscle builders to kids drinks we have something for everybody.

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Fat-Burning Blendz

Protein blendz with lipotropic complex, L-carnitine, betaine which enables fat to be more readily burned for energy.

Muscle Builders

Packed with protein and very low in fat to maximize your body's workout by feeding your hungry muscles with the nutrients needed for growth and strength.

Weight Gainers

These shakes are for those wanting to pack on weight fast! Loaded with protein and carbohydrates but low in fat to help build mass.


Extremely wired! These blendz contain extreme doses of Extreme Vanilla Latte of Extreme Chocolate Mocha. Oh behave!

Fiber-Rich Blendz

Added fiber in these blendz to keep your body healthy and strong.

Low-Carb Whips

Loaded with protein with minimal carbohydrates.

Specialty Blendz

Great tasting blendz with additions for your special needs.

Energy-Booster Shooters

Shooters to pick you up, aid in burning fat and building muscle.

Kidz Blendz

Similar to the great tasting blendz above without the supplemental protein.