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Safety Tips For Gym Newcomers   by Alyssa Amato

in Health / Fitness    (submitted 2012-03-20)

If you decide to join a gym, you are taking a step in the right direction to improve your health and fitness levels. Going to the gym has a variety of benefits that are hard to achieve from traditional exercise methods because of the specialized machines that work particular muscles and target specific issues like endurance and weight management. However, as you pursue a greater level of personal health, you should keep your personal safety in mind. Gym accidents and injuries occur frequently, and can range from overuse injuries to injuries due to the negligent behaviors of other gym users. Each time you hit the gym, keep your personal safety in mind and watch out for hazards posed by your fellow exercisers.

Don't overdo it. Especially with the excitement of your future fitness in mind, you may want to keep running for one more mile or add just a few more pounds of resistance to your weight-lifting machine. However, if you are unused to strenuous workouts, it is easy to over-exert yourself and exercise a little too hard. This can lead to injuries and overall disappointment when you can't continue your new workout regimen and commitment to personal health. Remember to take it slow at first and work your way up to longer distances, more repetitions, and more weights. Consider seeking professional medical advice before beginning any exercise routine.

Don't amplify your injury. If you get injured in a gym-related accident, don't make the injury worse by continuing to exercise with the injury. Take a break and allow yourself time to heal. If necessary, consult a doctor for proper healing measures. If you continue to work out with an injury, you may hurt yourself worse and cause a long-term problem.

Watch out for stray equipment. Stray Gym equipment can easily become a trip hazard for exercisers. Tripping over misplaced equipment can cause serious injuries if a person strikes a hard or shop object. Be a responsible gym user and keep your safety and that of others in mind. Make sure to properly store and put away equipment after use, and keep an eye out for objects that others have neglected.

Clean off equipment before and after use. Gym equipment can easily become covered in sweat and germs from other users. To prevent exposure to bacteria and disease from other users, be sure to properly clean off equipment before use. After you have finished with a machine, wipe it down for the benefit of the next user.

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